Support GLAAD during Pride Month

Pride is a time to celebrate how far the LGBTQ community has come -- and this year more than ever, we know how hard we have to fight to protect our progress, from housing and employment protections to marriage equality.

That’s why GLAAD is launching the Month of Pride Campaign, with a goal of raising $75,000 by June 30 to celebrate and continue fighting for LGBTQ people. And all donations up to $75,000 will be MATCHED by Ariadne Getty!

This month, let’s celebrate all the accomplishments of LGBTQ people and fight to keep moving forward. Our stories must be told in movies, television, and news. Our identities must be seen, heard, and represented.  GLAAD will be on the front lines fighting for LGBTQ people every single day, and we need our best supporters like you to join us.

We urgently need your help to accelerate acceptance for LGBTQ people. Join with GLAAD’s staff and board to support the Month of Pride Campaign.


  1. Click on “Make a Donation”

  2. On the top right, select the participant you are supporting

  3. Select your donation amount


  1. Click “Create a Fundraising Page”

  2. Create your account

  3. Set your fundraising goal

  4. Send out your personal link to your friends and family and ask them to join with you support LGBTQ acceptance during the month of Pride.


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